Midwife Cath has delivered over 10,000 babies throughout her 42-year career.

She commenced her nursing career in May 1975 at St Vincent’s Hospital in Melbourne, Australia and studied to become a midwife at The Mercy Hospital in East Melbourne, Australia in 1979. Since then she has been active in supporting women and families during birth and providing parenting advice and guidance. She has supported numerous women throughout the birthing process.

Midwife Cath was instrumental in setting up Birth Centres within Melbourne during the 1980s to promote active hospital birth within a home-like environment as an alternative to traditional hospital labour wards. Her philosophy is to provide a supportive approach to women in labour, whatever the delivery method of the baby.

Midwife Cath graduated as a Maternal and Child Health Nurse in 1984 and worked primarily in the public and not-for-profit sectors, leading her to executive management roles in Community Health and Local Government. She specialised in planning for service provision, managing community contracts and undertaking diverse projects as reflected by the needs of the community.

In 2003 the Maternal and Child Health team Cath managed was awarded the Victorian Premiers Award for continuous improvement in Local Government. Midwife Cath was instrumental in developing the model of care for the Maternal and Child Health Service.

Midwife Cath was the consultant midwife on the hugely popular childbirth and parenting books Up The Duff and Kidwrangling written by Australian author Kaz Cooke.

In 2007 Midwife Cath developed three iPhone apps of parenting information; videos on how to bath a new born baby and her own invention of “Cath’s Wrap”, a safe and simple way to wrap a new born baby that provides a relaxed and secure baby while feeding and sleeping. The iPhone apps have sold worldwide. 

Midwife Cath is a visionary midwife who has had a major impact on nursing and her field of midwifery and Maternal and Child Health.  Midwife Cath saw the need for families to have on-going support post discharge from hospital, especially individual care of the woman post birth, assistance with correct attachment of the baby to the breast, treating sore cracked nipples, breast engorgement and mastitis and educating new parents about the newborn babies.

Midwife Cath works closely with mentor and friend Dr Len Kliman, a leading Australian Obstetrician and Gynaecologist in his practice in East Melbourne, Victoria.  Midwife Cath supports, advises and guides women and their partners throughout the stages of their pregnancy, childbirth education and support and advise to parents with new babies especially throughout the six crucial weeks of parenting.

Skype, Face time, phone calls, e-mails, social media and SMS has allowed Midwife Cath to provide contemporary care and access to new parents around the world.