Breast Engorgment

Expressing breast milk ~ it’s not the answer (*unless you have a sick or premature baby)

Expressing milk in hospital is now a given for most women after they have a baby.  I’m here to say you do not need to express or pump after you have a baby.  This does not apply if you have a premature or sick baby in the nursery that is unable to suck.

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Bleeding Nipples

Nipple Shields ~ in some cases the difference between breast feeding and not!

I’ve seen thousands and thousands of nipples!  Some nipples are long and the baby can attach easily and feed well. Some are not so big. Some are inverted with the pointy part of the nipple going back into the breast.

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Tongue tie ~ please don’t cut it

Tongue Tie is a term used to describe the high attachment the frenulum on the undersurface of the tongue. There are a number of Frenums in the oral cavity, but only the lingual and labial frenum cause problems.

Lingual Tongue Tie is a fibrous band of tissue which prevents complete extension of the tongue and is clinically seen as causing a V-shaped deformity of the tip of the tongue.

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