Birth & Parenting Classes


Midwife Cath series has separate Childbirth Education and Parenting classes. They are held on a Saturday or Sunday morning in east Melbourne.  You can book here. Having delivered over 10,000 babies and a wealth of knowledge on labour and childbirth Midwife Cath educates expectant parents on the history of birth, the changes in your body while in labour, the use of pain relief or the option of no pain relief.  Midwife Cath  discusses calm and safe birthing and the positions that are comfortable for you to give birth to your baby.  There are no birth videos or inappropriate photos of birth that may cause anxiety to both you and your partner. The aim is you are safe and your baby is born healthy. Midwife Cath has 43 years experience in birth centres and labour wards enabling her to teach you everything you need to know about labour and  birth and answer any question you may have to ask.

In the parenting class the focus is on early parenting in the first six months.  The classMidwife Cath teaches parents about why babies sleep, why they don’t sleep, and how to get them to sleep! The parenting classes can be booked here. Everyone is welcome especially expectant mums and dads, partners and grandparents too.  Lots of new parents don’t know what they don’t know and Midwife Cath aims to teach a practical and positive style of parenting.  It’s so important for both parents to come and hear about the process, teaching them about the bath and bottle and bed routine, explain how to continue with the routine and to how prevent falling into a few bad sleeping habits.

Midwife Cath discusses about what interferes with sleep and the importance of floor play, and how using gadgets, seats and swings impacts on how the baby sleeps.  The length of sleep for the baby will increase over time and as the baby gains weight.  Come and learn from the expert