The newborn baby

Pulled Elbow ~ OUCH

There are some times parents play, swing, hold, grab their child thinking it’s fun…but it has me cringing with anxiety. A pulled elbow is one of them. They are completely preventable and here is a few hints to prevent this painful episode for your little one

• don’t swing your child by his arms
• don’t pick your child up by his hands
• always pick your little one up from under his arms.
• Educate your family, friends and caregivers

How it happens
With sudden forceful movement, yank or pull of one or both arms the bone that is held in position by ligaments slips from underneath the ligament. OUCH!
It usually happened is children under 5 years of age and it hurts…they will scream, cry and the arm or arms will be immobilised.

The arm is ‘pulled’ back into place often with the aid of mild medication. Relief is instant.
Sometimes and X-ray may be performed. It’s most important to take your child to the emergency department as soon as possible and do not try to reduce the pulled arm yourself.

Post care
Most children will not require any further care or medication. The Children’s Hospital would see about 10-15 of these cases a day…so be careful of play. It does not cause any long term damage and often once it happens the child may be susceptible to it happening again.

It’s all about prevention.